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Your vision is our priority

Exavue, located in Paris, has a space of 110 m2, on two levels, exclusively dedicated to your vision. We offer customized services and we carry out tests that meet the international standards in force.

We offer customized services and we carry out tests that meet the international standards in force.

What is optometry?

All you need to know

Optometry is defined as the measurement of the eye and sight. Furthermore, optometry is a discipline whose purposes are: the detection of abnormal eye conditions, the assessment of the vision and its performance, the monitoring of visual development, and the improvement of visual functions.

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There are a few ways to do an eye test. We practice behavioural optometry, which is the most global way.

Behavioural optometry evaluates how comfortably your eyes work togetherand how the eyes and the brain communicate to process information.

A visual assessment includes more than 50 tests and lasts for about 1 hour.

Our price for a complete eye test is 80 euros, with added extra fees for the adaptations of contact lenses, or other required tests based on your vision condition

You can get an refund on glasses and contact glasses with your health insurance and through the sécurité sociale.


Exavue is expanding in France.

If you are an experienced optometrist and passionate about your job, then join our teams.

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