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High performance vision

An optometry and vision center in the 15th arrondissemment in Paris, EXAVUE wants to offer a visual solution to every customer.

Downstairs, we have a large choice of frames and sunglasses, contact lenses and contact lenses products.

On the upper floor, our eye test room is fully equipped, with a topograph for orthokeratology and other contact lenses fitting, and low vision equipment.

Our team


Régis Poussin


Specialist in contact lenses, in behavioural optometry and posturology since 2003. Pioneer in orthokeratology in France.


Jean-Christophe Benazet


Instructor and specialist in ophthalmic lenses for more than 25 years.


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Maxime Huard


Expert in behavioural optometry, myopia control and vision therapy since 2014.

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