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Vision Assessment

More than 50 tests
A global approach of vision
Binocular vision, visual ergonomy and posture.

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Eye check-up

A quick eye test to check your eyesight and your glasses
Update of your prescription.

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Low vision

A service for the visually impaired
Determination of low vision equipment
Magnifying glasses, electronic systems.


Soft contact lenses fitting

For occasional or daily wear
Disposable lenses
Quick delivery

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Customized lenses fitting

For daily wear and optimal comfort
Custom-made manufacture of the exact parameters of the lenses.

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Orthokeratology Orphé-Orka

Night treatment of myopia
Alternative to glasses and laser surgery
Control of myopia progression.

Dyslexia and reading

VIsion therapy for learning related vision problems (dyslexia, reading problems)

Myopia Control

Screening of the risk factors of developing myopia
Myopia control for kids and teenagers.

Preserve your vision.
Ergnomics for screens

Visual ergonomics

Preserve your vision
Advice and information on how to protect your eyes for screen use.

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Keratoconus lenses fitting

A solution for corneal dystrophies
Biometry, measurements of ocular structures.


Contact lenses teaching

Cleaning and health tips for your lenses
Teaching how to put them on and take them out
Information on the wearing time.

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Vision therapy

Improve your visual performance and your visual efficiency!
For everyone: kids, teenagers, adults, athletes.

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