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TOP BRAILLE, developed by the company VISION SAS and distributed in France by Exavue since 2008, is a mobile device allowing instant playback in Braille and audio of printed text. With unanimity of the 47 members of the jury, the "Top Braille" (French manufacture) obtained the first prize in the international competition Lépine 2010.

Discreet, lightweight and ergonomic the size of a computer mouse, Top-Braille is essential in the daily lives of the blind and visually impaired as an indispensable object for access to information, culture and culture. world of work.

Top-Braille is equipped with a camera that scans (takes pictures) of the surface on which it is placed. These photos are sent to a very powerful processor (integrated in the "Top Braille" box) which is able to analyze tens of images per second. .

When there is text on the surface, Top-Braille identifies the characters but also the way they are arranged. The central character is recognized and instantly transmitted in Braille to the matrix (six-character cell). You can also choose to hear the recognized character in audio. If the characters are incorrectly positioned in relation to the Top-Braille, two complementary pins on the matrix indicate the correction of movement to be made to be correctly positioned with respect to the text. Positioning information, which we call navigational information (up, down, right rotation, left rotation), can also be transmitted by particular sounds.

Its ergonomics are specially studied to ensure a perfect comfort of use, it is handled according to the principle of the computer mouse. Thanks to its voice interface, you can also use it without knowledge of Braille. . de reconnaissance des caractères  permet d’atteindre la lecture de 20 lettres par seconde. ( 200 mots par minute ). . .

Price: "Top-Braille" : 1680 Euros TTC in our store in Paris or by postage. More information at 

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