The lentilles Orphé-Orka contact lenses have been designed to free you from the constraints of glasses and daytime contact lenses. ORKA technology gives you visual autonomy for the whole day.

This process is temporary and completely reversible. The correction of myopia will be obtained by the regular wearing of contact lenses Orphé-Orka.

Designed especially to be worn during sleep, Orphé-Orka is very comfortable and knows how to be forgotten during the night. At night, your eyelids are closed, no discomfort is felt. If you have to get up, these lenses are optically corrected and allow you a perfect vision during the wear.

Contact lenses Orphé, fabriquées en matériau Boston XO, bénéficient de la technologie ORKA de correction de myopie pendant le sommeil.

The result of a decade of research in eye health, the lens design has been designed to allow natural vision without glasses during the day but also to slow down the development of myopia in young children. Your myopia is often already corrected after the first night of wearing. In most cases, an almost optimal correction is already obtained after one week. The Orphé contacts are simple to put on the eye.

The Orphé lens is made to measure for your visual needs and for a safe use. From a series of tests performed, your optometrist will determine the exact settings of your lenses.

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