Rodenstock lenses

Rodenstock the German glassmaker pioneered free form custom technology.

The free form is an ultra-custom manufacturing process. Its point-to-point surfacing takes into account the specific parameters of the wearer and the spectacle frame.

Clear vision requires custom lenses. Only Rodenstock Impression lens, thanks to its personalized parameters, such as eye spacing, face shape and the fit and shape of your eyeglass frames, is made to measure. Today, with the innovation that is the generation of Progressive FreeSign progressive lenses, Rodenstock imposes new criteria: the progressive lens now integrates your personal vision requirements.

Impression ILT, released in 2001, was the first lens to benefit from this technology. The current range already corresponds to the third generation of lenses. A wide range that meets all the expectations of the holders and offers unprecedented possibilities.

Impression Free Signthe progressive lens that takes into account the activities of the wearer.

Impression 40/80the optimized proximity lens dedicated to working on a computer screen.

Impression Monothe very high performance unifocal lens.

Impression Sportthe very high performance lens dedicated to the practice of sport.

Specific guarantees:

– Traveler service : Exclusive, a worldwide guarantee and no extra charge. In case of breakage or loss of your glasses, anywhere in the world you get free support Rodenstock Traveler Service. Rodenstock Traveller Service.

– A Satisfaction guaranteeIn case of non-adaptation to your new glasses, Rodenstock is committed to replace them within six months! six mois !

More information on the official website Rodenstock.

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